I’ve been pretty fortunate lately that some of the shows I’m into have been blessed with a long shelf-life. Game of Thrones is a show that I’m into that seems destined to have a good run, the Walking Dead, and now we have the wonderful Stranger Things that seems like it might be around for a bit. But for every show I get to liking that keeps on ticking, there are always shows that I join late that just go away — gone, finished, kaput. They tend to be broken down into compact little units — 2 or maybe three seasons at the most. Some insist that this makes them perfect for binge-watching. I insist that this makes them perfect for working my last nerve. Some of these rotten shows I genuinely come to love, then they are out of here, like my own private little 9 ½ Weeks (God, wasn’t that movie awful). Love denied is a hideous thing. It makes you gloomy and ugly. 

Penny Dreadful was such a show. 

A show like Stranger Things seems tailor-made for me. It’s a big melting pot of a bunch of 80s stuff I love. Then again, Penny Dreadful was also a show that seemed made for me. I will confess that I am a Universal Horror nut. We’re talking the classics here — Bela, Frankie, Wolf-Wolf, movies named after Poe stories and poems with nothing to do with the stories and poems they are named after. I am also a Hammer Horror nut. I like Lugosi but will admit that my own classical image of Dracula is pure Christopher Lee. I must also confess that I like some of that long-winded Victorian prose. I often lament long-winded Victorian prose when I converse with a teenager and realize that the English language is dying. One must also realize that I possess a fondness for hot, possessed chicks. Hot possessed chicks, Timothy Dalton, the Wolf-Man and Dorian Grey — how do you top that? 

Okay, so the show wasn’t canceled and perhaps reached its predetermined end after 27 episodes. At least this is what John Logan (his Penny Dreadfulness) is claiming. It doesn’t matter … gone is gone. Why must I get to know you, show, love you, and then you are gone too soon? You big, gothy tease you. Sigh. It makes me want to dress in black and compose stilted love sonnets to daffodils (scorpions, maybe, those who have seen the show will get the reference) on tombstones at midnight. Boys don’t cryyyyy ….

‘cept when our shows go away. 

This is one of the shows that not many people seemed to watch or be aware of that actually had a ton of cool shit going on. It was beautifully acted, shot, and mostly well-written. Heck, the B-plot with Frankenstein and his creatures was worth a film all of its own. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, you could do a lot worse with your time. 

The Tin Man wants nothing to do with this guy, I assure you.

Speaking of shows with a long life on the shelf, or in this case cable, American Horror Story recently released six teasers for the coming sixth season. Now, I have a very well-established love/hate relationship with this wacky ass show. American Horror is like the bad little kid whose butt you wanna kick but whom you still love for his badness. I will admit these teasers got me kind of excited, especially this image …

They should be at your house around midnight.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Creepypastas … The Disappearance of Ashley, Kansas. As Count Floyd use to say, “scaryyyy!”. Here’s a dumb vid‘bout that and I shall wrap up this brief entry! I shall return, my friends.



  1. YES! Love this! Isn’t the new AHS season going to be about the Roanoke colony? Isn’t that the rumor? Like you, I’ve a love/hate thing for AHS. What happens for me is I’ll get into the first several episodes, and just when things go all convoluted-haywire (and not in a plot twist kind of way), I’ll find it just unbearable to watch. A friend of mine, a humanities prof who loves the show, told me that Ryan Murphy (his American Horror Storyfulness) likes to break continuity with his staff writers and just toss in random things (like Jessica Lange musical numbers) much to their dismay. But whatever Ryan wants, Ryan gets.

    I loved Penny Dreadful, too. When that final episode, incidentally the 9th episode of all things, hit, I felt betrayed, especially when those end credits began with a “THE END.” Sure, Vanessa was doomed (we knew that), so that sense of closure was apt, but the show had JUST introduced two great female characters — Dr. Seward (what a bold move to have a female psychiatrist during that time) and Catriona (how badass was that swordswoman-thanatologist??). I loved them both, and it was such a damned shame they were never to be developed further.

    (By the way, I’m sharing this.)


    1. Lol the Jessica Lange banana song, or whatever the hell that was in season 2, wins the completely random prize. It’s like they decided that “crazy show” means driving the viewer crazy…literally lol. Penny D was over way too soon. I just picked it up with the third season (watched the other two to kill a weekend later) and blamo! It’s out of here. The same thing happened when I decided to watch Hannibal. Awww, shucks! Thanks for reblogging me!

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      1. Haha! I’d almost forgotten about the banana song from Asylum. I loved Lange in the first season, but after it turned into the Jessica-Lange-plays-cabaret show, I just…couldn’t… Also, the irony for me was realizing that the best aspect to the last season was Lady Gaga’s vampire. I’d made a bad assumption upon finding out she was going to be in AHS (that she’d naturally stink in it), but I am eating my words as I type this. She was mesmerizing, and her scenes were so evocative — New Wave-ish, like Tony Scott’s The Hunger. Alas, the best thing about that season was overshadowed by plot holes upon plot holes and high frivolity.

        HANNIBAL, yes! What the hell was that? My theory is that people couldn’t take their violent serial killer shows with a healthy side of intellect (NCIS and Criminal Minds are too formulaic, imho).

        By the way, your blog entry is doing the rounds in my Twitter feed. Two people have already retweeted it. 😉

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