​ Not all poison was bitter. Some of the deadliest poisons in the world tasted sweet; they were that much more dangerous because of it. — Nenia Campbell, Fearscape.  I’ve written about evil before. Maybe I’ve always been writing about it, thinking about it, reflecting about it, obsessing over it. Maybe that’s what the horror […]



I’ve had a few health-related knocks lately. It’s inevitable, I know. Some would say that it’s not the years, it’s the mileage. And since I look 40 but feel 80, it should not have come as the surprise that it did. Surprising it was. You go dilly dallying through life, always seeing things happen to […]



Tis a prompt: This Is Your Life Of course I would read a book about myself. Since such a book would deal with one of my favorite subjects I’d have to check it out. We call that damning all false humility, by the way. I could never write this hypothetical book. As a writer of fiction […]

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

  1. Babies: two rotten mini-mes. The sound of belly laughs and older/younger brother shenangins. Even the complaints that are born out of the same. Bright smiles and one of them missing a couple of teeth. Fair-hair waving as they run and sun-washed antics.
  2. Pets: Four dogs and two of the laziest cats alive. The most evil beagle ever to be granted the breath of life but you love it anyway cause of its personality. Horses and long trail rides. All a fortune to feed and doctor and anything else but you don’t mind the money.
  3. All Of My Junk: Books and DVDs and Blu-Rays and CDS and posters and art and pictures and keepsakes and a billion other curiosities both strange and surprising and spot on. Not a hoarder but a horde with a purpose— it says I have lived and do live. I have a past and maybe a future whatever that might be.
  4. Garage: projects started, completed and those that will never be completed. The smell of hot engines and oil in the Fall afternoon. Tools and equipment and feeling self-sufficiant and useful. The smell of wood chips and wood dust and varnish and plaster and paint.
  5. Trails: winding and twisting and cutting through woods and hills and valleys and across fields and pastures. Going everywhere and nowhere. Dewy trails in the early morning as you walk and try to have an idea for something you’re writing. Cool trails in the early evening as you run and try to keep up with your kids. Deer, foxes, racoons, rabbits, squirrels, elk, and stray dogs who will probably end up in your barn. The feel of gravel and dirt under the soles of your boots. Breathing. Living. Being. Wanting. Never giving up.
Bonus cuteness!
Bonus cuteness!

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