I am one of those dudes who fancies himself a writer. I’ve got about four unpublished novels under my belt, a dozen novellas, and short stories beyond counting (a few of those little suckers are bouncing around out there).

Let’s see … I have a fancy degree I no longer use, a job I don’t quite understand, an ex wife and ex bad habits, and about a zillion zany relatives and friends who probably shouldn’t be wandering the streets.

Read my blog. Hang out. I like company.



5 thoughts on “About

    1. Lol forgive my lack of blogging manners, my friend. I am still new to the whole deal and am known to forget to hit a button … when my rebellious devices allow me to hit a button. It seems sometimes that Skynet has taken over the house and its definitely living in my cellphone. Don’t worry, you for the win!


      1. No, you for the win. That post about thing, Miami Vice, was amazin. I know who I’m talking to, I have no bitterness about you begrudging following and liking. Seriously. In fact, this comment itself is probably an embarrassment. But I’m serious when I say I don’t care. You’re one of those bloggers who you accept that you don’t measure up. I have another called holistic wayfarer, she’s amazin, you should check her out.


      2. Measure up? Of course you do! I’m so grateful that you enjoy what I’m doing over here. It means more than I can convey. I never expected anybody to read this stuff at all let alone feel about it the way you do. Thank you so much!

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