A FEW BOOKS… 9/2/2016

​ I recently took note that the majority of my blog seems to have something to do with films and the boob tube or some combination of the two. It’s true that I love both. It is also true that reading is a major part of my life, has been since I first acquired the […]

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Happy 4th, peoples. Here’s some music to blow shit up to. First, Denise’s favorite band. She loves these guys. Hinder kills the 80s. Since they’re already dead, they don’t mind so much. Be joyful…I try. Don’t touch him, okay? Today’s mood. Brought to you by Bond. This song makes me wanna smuggle coke into Miami. […]

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More music to help you feel superior to your dorky friends. Use with caution. Among his many accomplishments, the combination of Saul Bass designs and BH’s  narrative scoring enabled Hitchcock to revolutionize the main title sequence. Vertigo is one of my favorite films. Having suffered from an obsession with a cool blonde or two in […]

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I was originally gonna throw this up next monday. Figured what the heck? Early birds and all that jazz. I first heard this song on an episode of Miami Vice. Its overdramatic and cheesy, just like the 80s! A sample of the wit and wisdom of Great Britain’s most original moralist. A little tune to […]

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