Here are the ten things I’ve learned from a lifetime spent studying the philosophy at the heart of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Enjoy!

10. The whos in whoville don’t need material bullshit.
9. If you live in a cave then you probably shouldn’t turn your nose up at any meal, especially roast beast.
8. Tomtinkers don’t look like a very safe Christmas present.
7. If you decided to cause trouble your trusty canine companion will have your back.
6. Even fuzzy green whatz-its look like Santa to a sleep deprived little girl.
5. If you’re going to steal every Christmas related item in Whoville then you’d better bring extra bags.
4. Even the most hideous creature looks kind of cute in a Santa suit.
3. Don’t put a big antler on your tiny dog’s head.
2. Just because you hate Christmas doesn’t mean you should try to ruin it for other folks…even if the Whos are really annoying.
1. Let a little love in your heart and you will receive  “the strength of ten Grinches, plus two!”


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