In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “These Horns Were Made for Tooting.”

I grew up with Daryls and around Daryls. It’s really amusing for me to see city girls wearing “I heart Daryl” tee-shirts. Having grown up with Daryls and around Daryls, it’s funny to see such a character (maybe more to do with the actor playing him) embraced as a pin-up.

Trust me. The fictional Daryl Dixon is at times much more appealing than the real Daryls. It might be that he’s been sans Myrle for awhile. The natural obnoxiousness of the redneck male tends to multiply by a factor of four when they group up with their own kind.

The character has some admirable qualities but not qualities unknown to others,so, no idea why the dude is so popular. Once again, it might be my knowing real Daryls that works against me. They tend to drink a lot of beer, watch a lot of UK Sports (especially basketball), take Fox News as gospel and complain about how those “evil homosexhuals” are taking over the world.

Then there are Daryls who can…well… Daryl. What I mean is people who know how to do the shit Daryl can do — the hunting stuff, the woods stuff, the crossbow stuff, the state-of-the-badass art stuff.

People like me.

I was seven or eight years old when my grandfather, dad, and other male members of the clan took me on my first hunting trip. This was indeed a hunting trip. We were no where near civilization for nearly two weeks and that’s when I first started learning how to do Daryl stuff.

Track animals by sign? I can do that. Take a critter down with one shot? I can do that. Skin, dress and quarter a kill? Yep. Know what plants to eat and what plants to steer clear of? I can do that, too. Set snares? That was the first thing I learned to do.

Yes, I too can bow like the Dixon (my dad was a championship archer who hated firearms…but I got pretty good with those too). And I can do lots of other stuff too— navigate with no map and just a compass, fish with just a bit of nylon cord, set a fire without matches or a lighter. And I can do all that stuff GOOD —with trophies from my childhood and young manhood to prove it.

I lost the taste for hunting long ago but if it’s a Daryl world I’m more than capable of living in it. If there is ever any kind of post-apoclayptic scenario in the near future I’m probably gonna be alright.

But what if it’s a Mad Max type deal? Well, let me tell you about my driving…

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5 thoughts on “IT’S A DARYL WORLD

  1. Well, I think city girls ( being the grown up version) like the capable, no bs but still gentlemanly ways of a man like Daryl. Sure, I prefer the Rick Grimes type, which is Daryl grown up and right, but that’s just me.

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  2. Right now, I’m reading California by Edan Lepucki (among other books I may not finish due to time constraints). It’s just the kind of wilderness post-apocalyptic world a Daryl…or a William…would feel comfortable in, I’m sure. Me, I have no wilderness skills aside from building campfires and tying knots. It’s been decades since Girl Scouts though.

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