TOXIC WOMEN: I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Much has been invested in the female fascination with bad boys. We all know that particular song and dance by heart especially if one was a good boy passed over for a bad boy (a pain only beer and Twinkies can fix). But how about the male fascination with toxic women? Yes. It does occur. And far too often.

What is it about the wrong women? For example, why did I find the Amazing Amy attractive when she carved Barney (found her even MORE attractive when she carved Barney).

Marshal is next
Marshal is next

 The truth is, the male fascination with toxic women is not very far removed from the female fascination with bad boys.

In celebration of the bad bitches we all love to hate, and hate because we love, I present for your entertainment some of the most toxic female characters to be found in literature, in film, and on the boob tube.

First of all, thanks to Denise. This was her idea, farmed out to me. You should check out the good men series on her blog. Those are some good guys, but as we learned from Dark Helmet, evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb.


the zombie apocalypse. Only cockroaches and small huddled groups of people clinging desperately to their humanity will survive.

Oh yeah, and this bitch.

But only for two seasons and some change!
But only for two seasons and some change!

Let’s be clear, I have some sympathy for Lori. She’s a woman trying to raise her son in the midst of a horrible situation. At first, she thinks her husband is dead and later she has to put up with his determination to do the right thing, even when it might not be in the best interests of her or their child.

That’s as far as it goes.

Her affair with Shane is forgivable to a point. She thought her husband was dead and Shane’s alpha-male qualities made him a good protector for her and Carl. She even does good by breaking things off with him promptly when Rick shows up, is even mad when she realizes that Shane lied to her about Rick being dead in the first place.

Forgiveness for Lori gets pretty shaky pretty fast. She convinces Shane to stay in the group, even though she knows he’s unstable— guy tried to sexually assault her just a few days earlier. She knows the guy is still hung up on her, yet drops signal bombs on him all the time that she knows he will misinterpret.

Later, she sends dopey Glen on a dangerous run for abortion pills, lotion and soap opera digest. Hey, soft skin and keeping up with The Days of Our Lives are still priorities at the end of the world. Yet it never occurred to her to send Glen on a run to Atlanta for condoms when she was boinking Shane. Of all the indignities suffered by Glen, being  Lori’s personal Short Round is the worst of them.

You call her Doctor Ho, pal!
You call her Doctor Ho, pal!

Poor Rick. Lori tells him that Shane is dangerous — a point that would have been moot if she would have just let the guy leave. And she’s damn right about Shane being dangerous. Later, he attempts to put Rick on ice. Rick, righteously sick of his bullshit, dispatches the moron.

Poor Rick. He doesn’t lie to the group about killing Shane. Lori withdraws in horror at what he’s done, like she didn’t shake the guy up and cut him loose, like she’s not 95% responsible for turning the former best friends against each other. In retrospect, Lori is the worst kind of person regardless of her gender. She’s oblivious to the consequences of her own actions and to the world around her. She’s the prime mover in a pointless daydreamy sort of house wife triangle that leads to the death of one man, and the near breaking of another. Her later realization of the damage she’s done is too little too late. We’ll let Rick have the last word.

Lori, you ignorant slut
Lori, you ignorant slut



6 thoughts on “TOXIC WOMEN: I Survived The Zombie Apocalypse And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

  1. First, it may have been an idea I had, but no one other than you could have done it justice. LOVE!
    Second, Lori Grimes is such a mess. I know people fall apart when things get tough, but oh my goodness, she’s a catastrophe. There is no excuse for her. I still can’t get over the fact that she wasn’t right there with Rick when he was dying in the hospital. That was clue one for me that she was bad news.

    Post more of these SOON please!!

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      1. LOL…It’s probably unfair, but I was working in the ER back when the show first started and it’s colored my perspective of that…I still say they would have had to drag me away from the bed if it were my husband/significant other and no way I’d have taken anyone’s word about him being dead…I’d need to be there and see it. know I have no patience for Lori. LOL

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  2. While I’m totally enjoying the resurgence of strong heroines on TV and in films, I get this, too. There has to be something psychologically screwy in my own fascination with “toxic women,” but maybe I’m simply looking for adequate representation of the female villain, a woman one can loathe and admire because she has assets that make her stand out from the overdone archetype of the seductress-who-kills (Catherine Tramell anyone?). Out of all of them, though, Lori Grimes wasn’t a model “toxic” woman to me. She was “toxic” for sure. However, I didn’t have any interest in watching her character plummet. I mean, I just didn’t like her because she was pathetic. As you remark upon, during her later episodes, she made stupid, selfish, cowardly choices, and her bravest act didn’t occur until her death. Even then, she seemed pathetic.

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  3. I don’t think Lori is anywhere in the league of some of the other ladies that I’m gonna talk about in the rest of this series. However, there is a sort of foolishness to Lori that I find particularly awful.


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