MUZAK!!! Weekly Playlist 6/15/15

Where by which the author of this blog shares some of the songs he’s currently using to drown the world out with. Some assembly required.

I love AC/DC. They’re one of the great live bands and the crowd antics in this will get you pumped

Morrissey has always had a cold chills voice. Here’s an old fav from The Smiths

I’ve had Manson’s new album for awhile. I was finally able to give it a listen the other day. I like the lyrics to this one

From the D’jango Unchained Soundtrack although not included on the official release. A shame…It’s haunting.

Since we’ve had Mad Max on the brain this summer

Finally, something for those ethereal moods

2 thoughts on “MUZAK!!! Weekly Playlist 6/15/15

  1. Glad you’re doing these weekly. 🙂 You always have something surprising to share, and my collection has grown quite a bit over the years because of you. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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