Put That Demon Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me – Dabbling in The Dark Arts As A Social Media Phenomenon

Not very superstitiousss boop bop bink bah bah boop

This Counts As Writing, Doesn't It?

Someone needs to listen to Mike Wazowski... Someone needs to listen to Mike Wazowski…

The other night, while my son and I were spending some old fashioned family time staring at screens (don’t judge me), he looked up from his phone long enough to ask me about this new demon summoning fad on social media. You can look up the videos yourself. Because I immediately declared the event a hoax, I was treated to about fifteen minutes of almost identical home videos showing yellow #2 pencils swinging around on a piece of white paper, seemingly at the whim of a demon. This is attended by reactions that range from quiet wonderment to people jumping up from their seats, screaming in horror. All I could think was….

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